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I Say Ayo

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My musical chapters so far

Straight from the beach. So this is what happened. During the lockdown period, we actually packed our bags to move places. 🎢 We now live right at the sea, so amazing – I see surfers passing by my studio window, carrying their boards out to catch a wave. ‘I Say Ayo’ was written with sand between my toes. You may hear what that does to a human being. 🙏⁠
Also, I needed some air, light and colour. With all⁠ major problems in the world at the moment, it feels nice to listen to a song, that at least helps me to put my own worries somewhat into perspective. I hope it does the same for you. Thanks for listening.

Watch Jonas perform his song ‘That Feeling’ (out now, listen via: featuring the stunning singers of London Community Gospel Choir, recorded live at Wisseloord Studios.
Depression is not only a source of pain for the person who has it. It also affects the people around him tremendously. My family has been hit the hardest when depression became part of our world. When I struggle mentally I don’t love, and I can’t be loved. On these day’s it’s best I’m in solitude, but thankfully I can write songs when i’m alone, and this one I wrote for my family, the ones I love the most. I feel the importance for them to know, It’s not because of you!
In the process of me learning how to deal with depression, one of the things I had to do was to dig through the past 20 years of emotional events, to figure out if anything is still messing with me unconsciously, any hidden ghosts hiding away in the dark, so to speak. Although it’s about the last thing I want to do, I had to do it, and of course there was more than one wound to be found. But while digging around, it got surprisingly clear to me, how more than thankful I am not to be in such kind of a relationship that I write about in ‘I Think Of You I Cry’ anymore; you know, the completely destructive, half-heartedly, jealous, and super unhealthy kind of love, that led me to nowhere but a broken heart, and plenty of low self worth. I had to go back and write about the situation I was in, to get rid of it for good.

My beautiful sister’s daughter Laura Mathilde is singing this with me, although merely 15 years young at the time of recording this song, I’m convinced her soul is older than a few thousand years, and I personally love the depth of her voice.

I was holding hands with my little son, he was 3 years old at the time, we were crossing the street looking out for the cars passing by fast. Right there, standing together on the sidewalk it hit me out of the blue, that’s when I realised that his little hand was searching for my hand exactly the way I remember searching for my father’s hand. Now, all of a sudden, I’m the world’s strongest man, just like my dad was when I was a little red-headed boy. ⁠
In that moment my whole life passed by in a few seconds, and everything changed. I’ve been working on this song for 2 years now, it took me 252 versions to sing my thoughts right. I’m reflecting on what everyone wishes they could escape: life is short, we need to create our memories right now, before we have to let go. So let’s build them up, memories.
Over the past years where I needed to reshape my life with all the pain and struggles that were going on, I remember exactly when that feeling of love found me again. In a quiet moment, at the end of the day, I sat on the couch; our little son was sleeping upstairs and I looked at my wife while she was reading. She looked so beautiful… This realisation of being surrounded by their pure and deep love suddenly warmed and comforted me. I sat in tears, and just let it in. It was só present, that it was almost tangible. I then wrote ‘That Feeling’, with the hope to inspire people to allow themselves to feel what they need to feel, also grief and sadness if that is part of their current story, but when the right time is there: slow down in the moment, fully experience life, and let love in. The key to remember ourselves that everything will be alright, really lies in those beautiful daily moments that we share with our loved ones.
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I’m a writer, I have to write, I need to share my stories. Everything I sing about is stuff I’m going through. I also drum, because it’s the only way I know how to move to music, I can’t dance, so I drum.
I’m the slowest producer I know of, I throw most tracks away, and I tweak my songs endlessly, most of them for years, not because I enjoy it, it just takes me forever before I feel it sounds ready for a stranger’s ear.
I need to get out of my head more -in all honesty, it’s been a while since I felt some butterflies in my stomach about anything. I’ve had quite some life challenges the last 2 years: insomnia, completely burned out, dark days of depression, the whole shabang, but now I feel sparks doing this. So back in the studio I am, sweating, bleeding fingers, breaking cymbals, drumheads, and plenty of drumsticks, and here is my first born Jonas Brøg song ‘Tell Me Why’. I’m singing this to my burnout, wishing it’s a different entity, in a different body. All I want right now is to feel better and perhaps on my journey, I can make someone else feel better too.


I was born into this world being a happy and lighthearted guy. Though I liked listening to heavy emotional songs, I never understood the darkness, until 3 years ago. I started getting totally black days of depression, being completely empty, and sad inside like I didn’t know existed, with no reason really. These days became more often, in some weeks several days in a row. It got to an extreme, and I had to treat it as an illness, so I stopped crafting songs for other artists, and I started writing only as therapy. In trying to deal with the dark side, everything I sing about is stuff i’m going through. I also drum, because it’s the only way I know how to move to music, I can’t dance, so I drum. I’m for sure the slowest producer I know of,and I throw most idea’s away, tweak my songs endlessly, not because I enjoy it, it just takes me forever before I feel it sounds ready for a stranger’s ear. I’m a strong male person, but i’m not ashamed of sharing my journey in finding a way to live with depression. I need to get out of my head more, and it definitely helps to be open about it, especially through writing songs. in all honesty, it’s been a while since I felt some butterflies in my stomach about anything, but now I feel sparks doing this. So here I am, releasing my own songs for the first time in my life.

Thank You for listening,

Jonas Brøg